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The partnership

The AD-WISE project will be developed by a consortium of 5 partners, including:

AINIA (Spain) – Project Coordinator – Technological research centre focused in the agro-food sector and related industries, with wide experience in the areas of activity related with the project: biomethanation of agroindustrial residues through anaerobic co-digestion, design and development of sensors to control quality & safety in foodstuff and in management of European projects, working together in multidisciplinary research projects.

Contact: Begoña Ruiz 
Position: Researcher
Telephone and e-mail: +34 961366090 / bruiz@ainia.es
Website of the company/centre:   www.ainia.es

GRANJA SAN RAMÓN (Spain) is a milking cow farm that produces around a 25% of the total milk production in the Valencian Region. The newest part of the company is the anaerobic digestion plant which generates biogas from the farm wastes.

Contact: Vanesa Guillamón 
Position: Head of Biogas Plant
Telephone and e-mail: +34962338170 / vanesa@gruposanramon.com
Website of the company/centre:   www.gruposanramon.es

THE NATIONAL MICROELECTRONICS APPLICATIONS CENTRE (Ireland) is an SME with a 30 year track record of delivering leading-edge products and services in software, electronics and wireless communications. MAC has delivered over 450 significant commercial projects and is among Europe’s top 10 SME contractors in EU ICT development projects.

Contact: John O’Flaherty 
Position: Technical Director
Telephone and e-mail: +35 361334699 / j.oflaherty@mac.ie
Website of the company/centre:   www.mac.ie

THE FRAUNHOFER INSTITUTE FOR PHOTONIC MICROSYSTEMS (Germany) is part of the non-profit Fraunhofer research organisation and carries out application focused R&D in the fields of microelectronics, micro-systems technology and organic materials and systems in Dresden.

Contact: Heinrich Grüger
Position: Business Unit Manager “Sensor & Actuator Systems”
Telephone and e-mail: +49 3518823155 / heinrich.grueger@ipms.fraunhofer.de
Website of the company/centre:   www.ipms.fraunhofer.de

INTERSPECTRUM (Estonia) is a company developing and manufacturing precision optical and analytical spectroscopic instruments since 1991. During these years the company has been engaged in the development of FTIR spectrometers for laboratory as well as for field use.

Contact: Teofilus Tonnisson
Position: CEO
Telephone and e-mail: +37 27383008 / info@interspectrum.ee
Website of the company/centre:   www.interspectrum.ee




The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement N.315115.